Animoto Releases Video Marketing Best Practices for Social Media

Tips Include Using Square Videos to Take up 78 Percent More Space in Social Feeds and Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos, released its “Cheat Sheet for Social Media Video.” The guide includes practical tips for businesses looking to maximize their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube through creating and sharing marketing videos.

As video on social media continues to become more prevalent, marketers and small businesses are responding by becoming resourceful video marketers themselves. Animoto’s 2017 State of Social Video Report uncovered that 92 percent of businesses creating marketing videos for social media are doing so by repurposing content that they already have. Consumers are responding to the influx of marketing videos on major social networks with their wallets. In the same report, it was found that 64 percent of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook had influenced a purchase decision in the last month.

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“Businesses—and not just large corporations—have the opportunity to build their brands and acquire new customers with video on social media. Many of our customers have become successful video advertisers and video publishers by incorporating these best practices into their social media strategies. We’ve released this cheat sheet so that all businesses can attract and connect with audiences through the undeniable power of video,” said Animoto co-founder and Chief Video Officer, Jason Hsiao.

Marketing video tips for major social platforms:

  • Go square for Facebook: Square videos take up 78 percent more space in the News Feed than landscape videos. Create square videos to optimize for the mobile experience.
  • Avoid the hard sell on Facebook: Drive more engagement with content that educates, inspires, and entertains rather than content that’s just about your product or service.
  • Plan for intent and educate on YouTube: What are your potential customers interested in or already searching for? Create longer videos—two minutes or longer—that educate and are useful to those potential customers.
  • Keep it short and choose a cover image on Instagram: Since Instagram videos loop, it’s best to keep videos under 30 seconds. Also, remember to set a cover image for your videos. Once published, cover images can’t be updated.

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