Lucidity Releases Yellow Paper Detailing Scalable Blockchain Implementation for Programmatic Advertising

Technical Paper Provides Deep Dive into Sidechain Scalability for Decentralized Advertising Analytics

Lucidity announced the public release of its yellow paper describing its specific implementation of a trustless sidechain scaling solution. Lucidity, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a blockchain company focused on transparency and trust in digital advertising. The technical paper, authored by Miguel Morales, CTO of Lucidity, and Alexander Voloshko, Protocol Engineer at Lucidity, is a companion to Lucidity’s white paper and provides a detailed view of how Lucidity’s unique sidechain scaling solution creates a decentralized system for greater supply chain transparency.

lucidity yellow paper blockchain sidechain
Lucidity has built a sophisticated Layer 2 blockchain solution, which works on an existing root blockchain and provides significant advancements in scalability. Achieving scale is done by moving computation to Lucidity’s sidechain to provide a greater degree of privacy and to expedite the processing of large datasets of millions of events per second from multiple parties.

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In order to meet the demands of programmatic advertising, the Lucidity sidechain implementation uses sharding to scale the system and a Plasma implementation to ensure the system remains secure.

Specifically, this allows Lucidity to:

  • Validate event-level data
  • Create additional scale without sacrificing decentralization
  • Economically incentivize veracity and accuracy through a proof-of-stake rewards and penalties system
  • Create groundbreaking visibility into the advertising supply chain

“We are thrilled to publicly release our yellow paper describing our scaling capabilities utilizing Layer 2 solutions like Plasma and sharding. Interestingly, our protocol and products have not just attracted the attention of the largest players in the digital advertising industry, but also blockchain experts seeking supply-chain optimization infrastructure,” said Sam Kim, CEO of Lucidity. “As Vitalik Buterin shared, the Ethereum network is seeking to achieve processing of more than 1 million transactions per second, which is the volume needed to service the digital advertising industry.”

“Lucidity is Plasma. Plasma is a way of thinking, and it’s already here. Lucidity uses many of the concepts introduced in the Plasma white paper in order to build a Layer 2 solution capable of scaling to millions of transactions per second,” said Miguel Morales, CTO of Lucidity.

Lucidity’s product is live and in-market, and continues to gain momentum in the advertising community. Lucidity was recently nominated for “Blockchain Startup of 2018” from the The Blocks Awards.

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