New White Paper Explores Benefits and Strategies of Thought Leadership Marketing for B2B Organizations

Trade Press Services, a marketing communications firm, released a new white paper that explores the marketing value of thought leadership for B2B organizations. The white paper was developed to help companies understand the ways in which they can develop and leverage thought leadership to increase marketplace visibility, develop a competitive edge, and gain credibility in their fields.

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to sharpen their message to stand out from the crowd and create a corporate differential. Thought leadership brings a fresh, insightful perspective to a common problem or anticipates emerging trends. When framed by an effective strategy, thought leadership builds brand affinity, develops relationships, boosts sales efforts and drives long-term organizational success. Far too many business executives dismiss thought leadership as a buzzword. Yet, thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that highlights an organization’s talent, experience and passion while answering the most pressing questions faced by its target audience.

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Titled, “Key Trends in Marketing: Thought Leadership,” the white paper provides an overview of the history of thought leadership and its growth as an emerging marketing discipline. It explores the benefits thought leadership provides to both internal and external audiences. Additionally, it explains how thought leadership addresses a number of critical trends and challenges facing today’s B2B organizations. Most importantly, the white paper delivers practical solutions and best practices for developing and delivering effective thought leadership.

“Thought leadership requires time but the rewards are well worth the investment,” says Gerri Knilans, president of Trade Press Services. “Businesses with a strong thought leadership presence increase engagement with their target audiences and create meaningful differentials that lead to greater business success.”

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Trade Press Services is a strategic marketing, communications and media relations firm. As business-to-business marketing experts with 23 years’ experience, Trade Press Services helps clients support their business development teams by increasing visibility in the marketplace, producing more effective messaging and customer-centric communications, developing a competitive edge, and gaining recognition as experts in their fields.

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