accessiBe Releases New Accessibility Testing and Remediation Platform, Alongside a Learning Hub For Developers, Designers, and Product Managers

As part of accessiBe’s efforts to make web accessibility accessible for all, accessCampus, an accessibility learning hub, will be offered at no cost to solo developers; at the same time, accessFlow will provide developers with the tools needed to achieve and maintain web accessibility

accessiBe, the market leader in web accessibility, today announced the launch of two new products to help increase internet accessibility for people with disabilities: accessFlow, a testing and remediation platform, and accessCampus, an online learning platform.

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accessiBe recognizes that everyone, from small business owners and large organizations, to internal development teams, to web designers and solo developers, to webmasters working with a CMS with code access or without, has different needs, abilities, and resources when it comes to applying accessibility practices. For this reason, accessiBe is dedicated to equipping its users with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to improve web accessibility for all.

“We believe that in order to make the web accessible by 2025, which is our ultimate goal, there must be developments in many different aspects simultaneously. These include awareness, education, automation, technology, and training,” said Shir Ekerling, accessiBe CEO. “But most importantly, we must enable everyone, regardless of their budget, knowledge, and skills, to participate in the global inclusion efforts by providing them the right tools tailored to their specific business reality.”

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Additional information on accessFlow and accessCampus can be found below:

accessFlow is an all-in-one web accessibility platform for engineering teams, solo developers, web designers, product managers, and accessibility experts. The purpose of accessFlow is to provide a dashboard for all of your projects’ accessibility needs and provide developers with the tools they need to ensure accessibility is always at its best. This includes everything from monitoring, alerting, suggesting, and tracking to simplifying accessibility development with CI/CD pipelines and testing automation.

accessFlow also provides professional services and best practices designed to help web professionals build applications and websites with Native Accessibility built into the development lifecycle and tech stacks.

accessCampus is an online web accessibility learning platform designed to take on the complex world of web accessibility, disabilities, and WCAG by simplifying and streamlining the learning experience. The platform features an interactive self-learning experience that follows a strict syllabus with videos, reading materials, lectures, WCAG qualifications, quizzes, and tests designed and delivered by accessibility experts and users with various disabilities, who share their personal experiences.

With accessCampus, professionals including web engineers, designers, and product managers can easily and effectively learn how web accessibility works, how to create Native Accessibility in their products and services, and how to maintain accessibility.

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