Apollo Fintech Launches Apollo Smart Contract Engine as part of its Decentralized Web 3.0 Initiative

Apollo is Smart Contract engine was launched as part of its vision to build a truly decentralized web 3.0. The framework utilized in the Apollo Smart Contract Engine was designed to make smart contracts accessible to anyone, even those that are not familiar with programming. It does this by allowing users to access instant pre-coded templates for specific use cases.

“With the release of the Apollo Smart Contract Engine, Apollo has become one of the fastest and easiest blockchains to use for complex tasks. Combined with Ark Decentralized Cloud Storage, the Apollo Smart Contract Engine facilitates the final piece to a truly decentralized web 3.0.”

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Stephen McCullah– CEO of Apollo Fintech

Phase One

Starting out, users will be able to utilize Apollo’s Wallet to access and implement instant smart contract templates, without any coding experience. At launch, users will be able to use templates to create virtual machines, as well as functionalities such as; balance access and transaction approval, burn contracts, buy and sell contracts, freeze and unfreeze contracts, global lock contracts, personal lock contracts, pre-minting, set transfer contracts, user rights contracts, and token escrow.

More easy-to-use templates will be added each month and users can program their custom smart contracts at any time.

2022 Implementation Plan

Apollo Smart Contract Engine will work alongside technologies such as Ark Decentralized Cloud Storage to facilitate a truly decentralized web 3.0 infrastructure capable of supporting data-heavy applications such as video streaming services, all with relative ease.

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