NetFlowCoin to Launch Technological Solutions Beyond Web 3.0

NetFlowCoin is a fully functioning, secure, and decentralized network that acts as a buffer between its users and the centralized internet. Made possible by combining Blockchain technology with a Software Defined Network. 

NetFlowCoin is dedicated to building the foundation of web 3.0 that is an inclusive ecology that benefits all participants who join the network. NFC will be making their exchange debut and mainnet public launch on the 22nd of March as a major scheduled project.

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With the announcements, NFC users will be able to navigate the NFC ecosystem and access any types of media content shared by miners, as well as access DAPPS hosted across the NFC network.

NetFlowCoin‘s network is built using SDVN technology, which acts as a virtual P2P network operating above the physical internet infrastructure that uses military-grade encryption, enabling users to have complete control over how their data is stored, viewed, and shared.

With a node base of over 3.6Mn potential NFC miners, the network is on track to becoming one of the world’s most decentralized and scalable blockchains in the industry.

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Within the NFC network, miners can earn rewards through traffic and bandwidth mining, or acting as witness nodes.

NetFlowCoin is more than just a digital currency, but is instead a digital ecosystem that enables users to purchase on-chain goods in return for off-chain services.

The network is decentralized & sustainable as programs and data are sliced and stored across global nodes. In addition, users can easily migrate between any application while maintaining their unique identity and assets.

As part of NFC’s economic model, they have created a dual coin mechanism that ensures the price of goods and services are not affected by the inflation of the NFC coin. The native coin is NetFlowCoin, however, users will need to convert NFCs into FULs (a coin attached to the US dollar) to purchase anything across the network.

The mass hype surrounding web 3.0 has begun seeing more adoption than before. With more blockchains creating viable platforms to support the next era of internet use. NetFlowCoin is dedicated to being at the forefront of web 3’s transformation that’ll shape a new way of how data is transferred among users through the blockchain and crypto industry. 

Explore the future of a truly private networking ecosystem with NetFlowCoin.

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