Depositphotos Releases a Free Tool to Upscale Images Without Losing Quality

Depositphotos, an international content marketplace with over 210 million images, music, and videos released a new online tool that helps users quickly double-size images. The AI-powered tool allows users to enlarge an unlimited number of files.

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Due to rapid technological advancements, the amount of visual content available constantly increases. To stand out among competitors, one needs to create high-quality content. Advanced visual content allows companies to capture their target audience’s attention and effectively promote products. The new Depositphotos tool is designed to help you create high-quality, attention-grabbing images.

“Until now, the only way to enlarge an image without compromising quality was to recreate it from scratch at a higher resolution. A task like this could take a long time: you either need to retake a photo with new camera settings, or ask your illustrator to redraw their work from scratch. Our AI-powered image resizer reconstructs pixels to offer you a high-resolution image,” – comments Igor Kaliuzhnyi, Chief Product Officer at Depositphotos.

No special skills are required to take full advantage of the tool: its algorithm recognizes the content of an image and re-creates it pixel by pixel. The result is a high-quality image two times its original size. The image upscaler is free to use and fully automated, which allows you to process an unlimited number of images quickly and efficiently. These can be photos and illustrations from your archive or files downloaded from Depositphotos. JPEG and PNG file formats are supported.

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