Curio Announces Release of Iconic Topps Mars Attacks Classic NFT Collection

Limited Edition Topps Mars Attacks NFTs Available for the First Time

Curio, the premier NFT platform for premium entertainment brands and musical artists, announced the launch of the first collection of officially licensed limited edition NFT digital collectibles from Topps Mars Attacks that recapture all of the action and drama of the original collector cards. Created and launched by Topps in 1962, Mars Attacks is one of the most sought after and valuable entertainment trading card series ever. The property continues to enjoy a loyal fan following that enjoys support across a full spectrum of licensed merchandise, including: toys, apparel, comic books, and more.

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Curio Announces Release of Iconic Topps Mars Attacks Classic NFT Collection

The NFT trading card series, with original illustrations by artists Wally Wood and Norman Saunders, follows a science fiction plot of a Martian invasion of Earth with battle scenes between humans and aliens. At the time of its release, the series became an instant classic for its timely depiction of fears around war and conflict. For decades, the stirring, over-the-top imagery has been immortalized in many different collectible formats over the years and is now available for the first time as limited edition NFTs.

“The longevity of Mars Attacks would have been unimaginable at the time of its creation back in 1962,” says Ira Friedman, VP of Global Licensing at The Topps Company. “It demonstrates that a classic story accompanied by extraordinary art can remain relevant while embracing advancements in technology and the new ways in which consumers experience content. Curio has been an incredible partner with its deep understanding of the entertainment industry and belief in the evolution of storytelling through NFTs,” says Topps’ Friedman.

Cards are available for purchase in different packs labeled as Yellow, Red and Green across a variety of rarity tiers with pricing ranging from $49 per pack of 11 cards to $199 per pack of 55 cards. Each pack contains random story cards with randomly assigned variants. Buyers of the Yellow and Green packs may also receive a redemption card that grants access to additional sets of the collectibles. Further details can be found on the Curio website.

“Curio’s purpose as a platform is to further connect fans, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts with their beloved brands and franchises,” said Rikin Mantri, COO of Curio. “Topps Mars Attacks is an incredibly unique release, as it allows fans and others alike to own a piece of the iconic title for the first time. The Mars Attacks name has stood the test of time, and we’re thrilled to be its partner to bring its historic trading cards into the digital era.”

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