Liminal Launches The “Polygon Partner Program” To Help Secure The Polygon Ecosystem

Liminal has integrated its self-custody platform “Vaults” with Polygon to secure the Polygon ecosystem.

Liminal is excited to announce the launch of their “Polygon Partner Program” for projects building on Polygon. While Polygon and Liminal are completely different entities, both have one thing in common i.e., making digital assets safer, efficient, and rewarding for individuals, and businesses without giving up the control and ownership.

With this initiative, Liminal aims to secure the entire Polygon ecosystem, and provide the best custody platform to all projects that are built on Polygon.

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“We are extremely elated to announce this flagship partnership program for the Polygon ecosystem. We are confident that this program will help secure the projects building on Polygon.”

— Mahin Gupta, Founder, Liminal

Why should projects apply for the Polygon Partner Program?

-Price Discount: Use the platform at a steep discounted rate of $890 (Discount of ~70%) for the first 6 months of the subscription period
-Smart contract cover: Smart contracts covered from hacks and exploits up to $10million
-Gas-free: Transaction fee for all transactions processed on Polygon is on Liminal
-Dedicated Account Manager: A blockchain expert to solve queries
-Support SLA: Queries will be answered within 24 hours of receipt
*These benefits are available if projects apply for the program on or before 31st Jan 2022.

Challenges with current custody solutions:

As one can appreciate, safe custody of digital assets is a priority item for any crypto-native business. The existing solutions are either too complicated or susceptible to hacking or act as a single point of failure.

Key Reasons why projects should choose Liminal to manage their digital assets:

– Self-custody: Liminal will never access have the access to private keys, as a result, projects will always be in control of their digital assets
– Secure: Multiple security features ensure that funds are always safe
– Corporate Access Controls: Define roles and assign users to various roles based on their functions
– Multiple Protocols supported: While the projects are building on Polygon, they may need support for other chains as well. With Liminal, they can use the same unified platform for multiple chains
– DeFi Integration: Unlock the power of DeFi and maximize the yields, without giving up the security offered by multi-signature wallets

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