Maptelligent is Pleased to Announce Its Latest Digital Transformation Offering, NFT Minting

Maptelligent, Inc., where indoor maps become intelligent.

Maptelligent, Inc. has added digital transformation services, remote capture nonfungible token (RC-NFT) minting services. Our staff of certified NFT experts uses the latest in remote capture technology (LIDAR, Photogrammetry), building information modeling and location intelligence to create unique 3D nonfungible tokens (NFT). Remote capture techniques and 3D modeling provides the most accurate representation of real-world assets. Our innovative process mints 3D remote capture NFT’s from LIDAR/Photogrammetry sources.

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We at Maptelligent understand the future of blockchain. Remote capture NFT’s can be used as part of a smart contract to automate the execution of an agreement based on validated real-time conditions, real-time data discrepancy based on past condition and validation of any real work object with laser accuracy.

Maptelligent’s expert modelers will create a geo-enabled digital-twin, a virtual replica of real-world objects, including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors. Our staff of certified NFT experts will work with you to understand the blockchain tokenization of your assets, that can be recorded on and shared via blockchain. Blockchain creates trust between different entities where trust is either nonexistent or unproven. Remote capture NFT’s are one way to verify real objects. This will allow customers to process, understand and automate digital twin information, using the latest in remote capture technology (LIDAR, Photogrammetry), building information, modeling and location intelligence. Maptelligent delivers customized digital twin and Industry 4.0 applications and provides web and mobile solutions that leverage the latest in innovative remote capture capability. This provides cost effective, customized solutions, which are tailored to our customers unique operational requirements.

Maptelligent is committed to applied innovation, this is innovation that can be a force multiplier and applied to operations today. Blockchain, smart contracts and NFT’s have come of age and usage will only grow in the coming years. “Implementing innovative blockchain-based solutions will solve difficult problems and improve long standing, costly digital practices around provenance and validity,” says Eric Kant, Chief Innovation Office of Maptelligent, Inc.

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