Mars Panda NFT Marketplace Launches After the Cooperation with Blockchain Association of Singapore to Provide the Platform Powering the Singapore NTUC Charity – Blockchain for Good

Mars Panda, one of the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace platforms with a complete know your customer (KYC) solution is officially launching after powering Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) U Care Fund NFT charity auction event, ‘Blockchain For Good’, to a successful completion.

The auction took place over a week in Singapore, from 4th October 2021 to 17th October 2021, and supported by partners including Ether Cards, Singapore Airlines, KrisShop, Singapore FinTech Festival, Drew & Napier LLC, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aleta Planet, Nexia TS, Ode To Art Gallery, Coinhako, Regtank Technology and Mars Panda.

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Blockchain For Good raised more than the initial target of $250,000 for the NTUC-U Care Fund, and the proceeds raised will go towards supporting several assistance initiatives, such as helping families with living expenses and education fees for their children, as well as caring for the elderly.

The NFT platform powered by Mars Panda and hosted by BAS is one of the first NFT platforms with a built-in KYC solution by RegTank. BAS has partnered with Mars Panda for the platform’s unique qualities of security, ease of use and the ability to host both virtual and real world assets NFTs.

To mark the NFT Marketplace’s official launch, Mars Panda has collaborated with Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hamlatul Arsy Mulia daughter of HRH Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah by minting 5 NFTs from the princess’ ‘The Hidden Princess’ collection on the platform.

‘The Hidden Princess’ is a collection of 412 artworks consisting of a mix of animation, digital and traditional paintings. In addition, some pieces will be in mixed media like paper and recycled materials.

The collection will be showcased in a solo show on the 22nd February 2022. Out of these 412 pieces, only 10 pieces will be minted as NFTs before the show. These 10 NFTs will also serve as an invitation to the solo show on opening day, and entitles the NFT holder to attend a private tour with the artist.

The princess’ NFT titled ‘Protector of the Soul’ from the same collection sold for $50,000 in the NTUC charity auction.

This digital piece titled ‘The Light Within’ is part of the same collection and will be minted on the Mars Panda NFT Marketplace. The princess has pledged that a portion of the sales from this piece will be donated to UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and their efforts to support refugees, a movement that she has always been passionate about.

“It is my goal to start an artist development fund to support promising ASEAN artists, especially providing underprivileged artists with an opportunity to be able to kickstart a journey into the creative world and embrace the benefits of NFTs. Mars Panda is a springboard for this and I believe the coming NFT revolution will empower many more to be able to craft a life for themselves and more.” – Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hamlatul Arsy Mulia daughter of HRH Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah and Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador for Mars Panda

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“We are glad that the Mars Panda NFT platform ran smoothly and the compliance onboarding worked successfully as intended. We are thrilled to have helped NTUC raise the money to support the recipients and humbled to have been involved in this worthwhile cause for our launch event. The success of this charity auction is testimonial to our technology, and we have received several requests from non-profit organisations to support their initiatives. We are looking at charity auctions on a global scale next, and we hope to show the world that the NFT space can be both a force for good and a compliant one.” -‌ ‌‌Mr Kevin Pang, CEO, Mars Panda