Zloadr’s Current Whitepaper Sheds Light On Its eSports NFT Metaverse Offering

All-inclusive NFT and Metaverse platform, Zloadr, set to disrupt the global digital assets market with their unique Metaverse competitions and games as seen in new Whitepaper.

NFTs have been described by experts as “the metaverse’s ideal revenue model” with some already calling it the key to unlocking many parts of it. The shared virtual space provided by metaverse will give experience across platforms and the real world, allowing practically anyone to participate virtually and use NFTs in an engaging manner. Several companies have announced plans to enter the innovative cryptoverse, with exchanges now allowing metaverses to showcase their tokens to the world with genuine reliability; hence, the first-ever Metaverse Trading Board. A report by PwC put the size of the metaverse at $148.5 billion in 2021, with a projection that it will hit $1,542.9 billion by 2030.

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Features of NFTs that have made it particularly ideal for the fast-emerging metaverse include the massive popularity of the concept, with the video-game industry eclipsing the sports and movie industries in global popularity and businesses using NFTs and virtual products to reach out to younger audiences. The safety of NFTs and their evolution, especially with the emergence of new use cases, further reiterate the importance of non-fungible tokens to the metaverse.

Zloadr looks poised to chart a new course in the fast-emerging and ever-evolving world of digital assets, creating the first-of-its-kind metaverse that provides a vast community with the only entry barrier being accessing NFTs and assets using the ecosystem’s $ZDR token. Created by Sam Enrico Williams, one half of the popular cryptocurrency twins, Zloadr is designed to bridge the gap between the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market and the esports industry.

The timeliness of Zloadr is superb, bringing together gamers, players, and NFT asset holders in a unique environment that allows members to earn and control how the Metaverse works for them financially. $ZDR, the backbone to the Zloadr ecosystem, ensures the functionality of the sports metaverse around a single currency.

One of the particularly unique features of Zloadr is de-risking investment in NFTs. Zloadr aims to help investors to diversify their portfolio and mitigate investment loss by maintaining a balance between teams, players, and the revenue they earn for competing in games and competitions.

The products offered by Zloadr include the $ZDR token and NFT Marketplace. Other features of the ecosystem include the Crypt2 Fruit Models and NFT Teams, with a limited amount of teams in each premiership or league. There are also plans to launch Metaverse Game and Competition Platforms in 2022.

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