LuxSci Provides Free HIPAA-Compliant Email to Labs

High Volume COVID-19 Test Results Communicated Quickly and Securely

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic continues to place extreme strain on healthcare services and diagnostic labs needing to communicate critical information, such as test results, quickly and efficiently. These organizations are nevertheless still constrained by HIPAA regulations. LuxSci is extending its offer for free HIPAA-compliant emailing services through Oct. 1, 2020 to help them cope with these demands and to speed time-sensitive communications. Interested organizations may apply at our website: LuxSci COVID-19.

LuxSci’s CEO, Erik Kangas, stressed the importance of secure email for medical test results:

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“Email communication sounds mundane, but right now it can literally save lives and help us bootstrap our way back to normal more safely.  As the country starts to open up and we struggle to socially distance, knowing your results days or hours sooner may be the difference between attending an event or staying home. As I watch friends and family fall sick and fear for others, I realize that this is one unique way that we can make a small but important difference. LuxSci is one of the few companies that has positioned itself to provide high volumes of truly HIPAA-compliant email.”

High volumes of testing and retesting will continue through the foreseeable future, thus leading to an urgent need to deliver test results to increasingly large numbers of people in a timely and secure manner. Use of email for health care communications supports this. It’s instantaneous and ubiquitous. Even with the advent of “instant COVID-19 testing,” lab-based testing remains crucial as it provides the most accurate data about infection.

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LuxSci is providing its HIPAA-compliant transactional email service free to any organization delivering COVID-19-related health or safety information. (Some restrictions may apply.) Services are available to testing labs as well as healthcare organizations of any size: those with modest needs (up 25,000 messages/month) and high-capacity needs (millions of messages per month). Typical pricing for these services ranges from $100/month to well over $1000/month, depending on the volume.

Interested organizations may apply by visiting our website: LuxSci COVID-19.

Massachusetts-based LuxSci, founded by Erik Kangas, Ph.D. in 1999, is a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant email communications services. Focused on enterprise-grade environments and solutions that enable organizations to minimize their compliance risk, LuxSci is one of the few providers that can handle transactional emails at high volumes in a secure and compliant manner. LuxSci has been enabling medical laboratories to deliver high volumes of test results to patients via HIPAA-compliant secure email for over 10 years.

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