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Valimail’s Anti-Impersonation Technology Leaps Forward in 2018; Putting Email Fraud in the Crosshairs for 2019

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A Revolutionary Technological Foundation Enabled Record-Breaking Performance — New Product Pipeline Ready to Roll

Valimail, the world’s only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced the latest upgrades to its product platform, including end-user feature improvements, scalability enhancements, and a distributed, fail-safe architecture that is poised to handle enormous growth and new product rollouts in 2019.

The company also announced business and partnership milestones for fiscal year 2019 today.

“From the beginning we’ve made a conscious decision to do things differently than other companies — and those bets are paying off,” said Valimail CTO and co-founder Peter Goldstein. “Instead of using an inference-based, probabilistic, AI/ML approach, we use a deterministic, policy-based model to enforce our customers’ lists of authorized senders. Our cloud-native technology is massively scalable, redundant, and secure. Our dedication to total automation has enabled our customers to combat email fraud with the industry’s highest levels of accuracy, achieving protection in one-third of the time required by our competition, while requiring minimal employee resources to implement and manage. And, because of our architecture, we don’t need to utilize, analyze, or store personally identifiable information (PII) in any way. We look forward to greatly extending our capabilities in 2019.”

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Valimail’s technology now supports billions of email authentications per month for thousands of customer domains, and has authenticated 100 billion emails to date.

Valimail technology and product milestones in 2018 included:

  • Released Valimail Monitor for Office 365, a unique, free product for customers of Microsoft Office 365, enabling them to gain visibility into their email ecosystems, discovering every online service and server sending emails using their domain.
  • Enhanced Valimail Enforce’s reporting capabilities, providing multi-variable drill-down capabilities, a global threat map, and the industry’s most precise and usable data on the senders using customers’ domains
  • Deployed a dedicated, FedRAMP-authorized instance of Valimail Enforce, supporting Valimail’s government customers
  • Enhanced the underlying infrastructure of the Valimail IDEA Platform to support greater scalability and web application performance
  • Expanded the database of global domains whose DNS records the company scans and analyzes on a daily basis to tens of millions of domains
  • Launched extensive customer testing for Valimail Defend, providing inbound defense against email sent from untrusted domains, set for release Q1, 2019

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In addition, Valimail is an active contributor to the email community, via industry group participation, standards work, and contributions to open-source projects. Valimail’s contributions have been recognized with several key appointments in 2018:

  • Valimail was named to the board of the Mobile, Messaging, and Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), a key industry organization working to stop spam, phishing, and abuse online
  • Valimail’s Seth Blank was named the chair of the AuthIndicators Working Group, which oversees development of the BIMI standard
  • Goldstein and Blank both hold key committee co-chair roles within M3AAWG

“We’re focused on our mission — authenticating the world’s communications — by building trust into email. We’re doing that through our products and with our contributions to the core email community,” said Goldstein. “We’re proud to be helping to secure a communications platform that is used by literally half the planet on a daily basis. And we’re especially proud that we’ve protected our customers from billions of unauthorized messages to date — and that our customers value what we do and have continued to renew year after year.”

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