LocHub Insights Wins Prestigious 10th Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorldWide44 Conference

\Rikkert Engels, CEO of Xillio LocHub, won the 10th Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) held on June 9th, 2021 at LocWorldWide44, a prestigious localization industry conference. The Process Innovation Challenge is a platform where innovators have the opportunity to pitch industry-transforming ideas and innovative solutions for problems in localization and internationalization practices to peers and industry experts. In the PIC finals with its audience-supported voting system, Rikkert Engels won the top award as “Localization Process Innovator of the Year for Europe” for his pitch about how LocHub Insights fills a critical gap in globalization operations.

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LocHub Insights enables the localization team to extend its marketing value by contributing to the overall global website strategy.

Through the PIC selection stages and in the final challenge round, Rikkert Engels showcased LocHub’s new software solution, LocHub Insights: an industry-first global website UX testing tool that enables marketing and localization professionals to improve website UX, boost global SEO rankings, and drive better localization ROI. “In this 10th edition of the Process Innovation Challenge with a competitive group of highly innovative, transformative industry solutions, LocHub Insights impressed right from the start by showing with clear, concrete data to improve the ROI of localization,” explained one of the PIC judges at the event and localization industry expert, Yuka Nakasone. “Typically, a localization process ends at the CMS, without visibility into website or content effectiveness. LocHub Insights enables the localization team to extend its marketing value by contributing to the overall global website strategy.”

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LocHub Insights’ real-time, data-rich dashboards easily and quickly surface localization inconsistencies and other hidden UX issues on global websites that can hurt SEO rankings and negatively impact web visitors’ experience. This enables localization managers to proactively deliver actionable data that adds unique value to marketing stakeholders. “For organizations that publish localized web content, our global website UX tool provides localization managers with powerful insights that are not readily visible today in traditional martech platforms,” explains LocHub CEO Rikkert Engels and PIC’s first two-time winner. “This enables localization managers to elevate the visibility and value of localization for an organization’s marketing strategy both by improving brand experience in local markets and boosting lead conversion rates. Among so many innovative solutions presented by my industry peers during the PIC, it is an honor and privilege for me and our entire LocHub team to be selected to win this year’s event.”

With a SaaS-based subscription model and volume-driven pricing, organizations of any type, size, and budget – from enterprises, SMBs, public sector and NGOs – can add LocHub Insights to their existing marketing technology stack. With its wide-reaching impact in improving marketing metrics for search engine effectiveness, multilingual SEO, and local website UX, LocHub Insights is the critical missing link that brings alignment and exponentially boosts the business value of marketing and localization processes. Not only does LocHub Insights help internal localization and marketing managers improve website quality and effectiveness, it also helps localization vendors enable their customers to improve ROI and achieve better outcomes with the same localized content.