Website Builder Tellie adds NFT/Token-Gated Content Functionality for Web3

Tellie is the first website builder with Web3 native functionality.

Tellie gives everyone access to create NFT/Token-gated exclusives, making strides to a decentralized web.

Tellie, the website builder that helps creators make a beautiful home for their creativity in minutes, announced support for NFT/Token-gated content. Now anyone can create exclusive experiences for their Web3 communities by gating pages behind an Ethereum token for the following:

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  • Content drops
  • Exclusive info
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Ticket pre-sales
  • Private forms
  • Newsletters
  • Merch drops

The possibilities this opens for creators are endless. All creators can use the contract addresses for any ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 to access this feature.

“It’s perfect for content drops, exclusive info, BTS, ticket pre-sales, private forms, newsletters, merch drops, and more,” said Jack Bogdan, Head of Product at Tellie. “We want everyone to be able to add additional utility to any token.”

Tellie is free and invite-only, but anyone can join the waitlist. Existing Tellie users can login to their account and add token gates to their content today.

Tellie’s focus has always been simple: empowering creators to take control over their creative platform. That’s why Tellie is a tool built to serve creators, not force them into a link aggregator that can stifle creativity and growth. Tellie’s announcement today cements its position as the website builder made for creators by giving them complete ownership over their site.

“Tellie elevates and empowers creators of all types, no matter where they are in their journey,” said Kim Nortman, CEO of Tellie. “Tellie helps level the playing field, giving under-resourced creators the tools to replicate and go beyond what bigger creators can do with expensive custom sites.”

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