Businesses Can Now Support Charitable Causes And Promote Their Brands At The Same Time With Promos For A Purpose

An Innovative, “Everything-Done-For-You” Purpose-Driven Business Partnership And Marketing Experience – Bringing Together Business Owners And The Community

STAND OUT from your competition and Stay top of mind by Promoting Your Purpose…MADE EASY! Do you want more professional, personal and financial freedom? Have you ever thought this could be accomplished by becoming a Purpose-Driven Business and supporting causes you already believe in?

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What does your brand stand for or believe in? What do you believe in? Do your customers know it?

DID YOU KNOW…84% of consumers believe it’s crucial for businesses to support charitable causes and 63% of consumers prefer to buy from Purpose-Driven brands that reflect their own values and beliefs.

The Everything Home talk radio show, podcast and patriotic purpose driven resource platform has launched Promos For A Purpose to deliver an innovative way to make this all a convenient reality. This “Everything-Done-For-You” business partnership and marketing experience matches small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and corporations with nonprofit organizations that are compatible with their core values and social responsibility mission.
Then a comprehensive, customized long-term partnership and marketing program is developed and implemented to create a Purpose-Driven Business and turn-key experience.

The journey begins by sharing their stories through a strategic signature 7-minute conversation style interview featured on the popular talk radio show and podcast Everything Home . . . Hosted by Michele Swinick, “The Queen of Quality Content.”

“I knew I could combine my passion for nonprofits, love of sharing stories and our show’s theme of promoting Good People, doing Good Business and Good Things,” said Michele Swinick. “Promos For A Purpose became My Purpose.”

This revolutionary program makes it easier than ever to join the Purpose-Driven model and movement, which is transforming how businesses operate, market and serve customers, clients and the community.

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