TBD Media Group’s New Campaign Gives A Platform To The Leaders At This Pivotal Moment Of Business And Society

TBD Media Group announces the launch of a brand-new and ground-shaking new documentary series: 50 Global Leaders.

Throughout history there have been pivotal moments that changed society, unlocked new potential, and altered the world as we knew it thereafter. In 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved the first airplane flight, claiming the skies for personal and commercial travel. In 1928, Doctor Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin, paving the way for research into antibiotics and revolutionising how we use medicine. More recently, in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, making the internet available to society as a whole and changing the way the world works forever. These innovations, made on an industrial level, rippled across society and changed it irrevocably.

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Today, innovations are no less crucial to the continuation of society and progress, and it is important that the impact of today’s innovations is as recognised as those of a century ago. 50 Global Leaders celebrates the disruption created by modern innovations and creates an opportunity for current leaders and trailblazers to explain how today’s actions will shape tomorrow across both industries and society.

Organisations today are developing cutting-edge concepts like smart cities, virtual collaboration and clean energy, even as they ensure systems in education, mobility, and recycling are future-proof and prepared for the inevitable digital transformation.

50 Global Leaders engages with such innovative efforts and illuminates the astounding endeavours of leading companies through creative and informative documentary-style films that showcase how businesses across sectors are revolutionising their industries and affecting broader society.

Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group, brings his own perspective to this crucial subject: “We are privileged to be here and ready to make society aware of this climactic moment where the future of business and society is being devised by such global disruptors.” 

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