CycurID Puts Privacy Control in Consumers’ Hands with imme: A New Game-Changing Digital Identity Management and Privacy App

CycurID Technologies Ltd. is proud to introduce imme™ (pronounced “I’m Me”), a revolutionary new app that puts the power of reusable personal identity management in consumers’ hands.

From the company that modernized B2B digital identity management solutions that go well beyond standard Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification protocols, imme gives consumers and web users the ability to withhold their personal data from third parties when accessing online services.

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With security breaches, data leaks and identity theft consistently on the rise, consumers and web users are at risk each time they share their personal information, financial credentials and passwords.

“For far too long, we’ve simply accepted that giving away our personal information — and assuming the risk of identity theft — is our only option when transacting online,” says Gord Jessop, imme™ Co-Founder. “That’s not acceptable, and it’s no longer true. imme™ represents a revolutionary new way to manage personal information and identity in a reusable manner.”

imme’s™ proprietary, secure, closed loop and encrypted identity verification and privacy app makes it possible for consumers to set up a social profile, manage crypto funds or make a doctor’s appointment without sharing any, or minimal, amounts of personal information.

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Powered by technologies such as liveness detection and facial AI recognition, imme™ is able to verify users’ identity once without storing their information on third-party servers. The verification process removes the potential for data leaks and identity theft by authenticating user ID without sharing it with third parties or using manual review processes, keeping it in consumers’ control while giving businesses the verification they require.

Once verified, users can access online accounts by scanning a QR code with the imme™ app, instead of using a password, uploading their documents or transacting with a credit card number.

“Regulatory bodies, businesses and other participants in the identity space have simply added layers of technology onto archaic thought processes,” Jessop says. “Unfortunately, this approach has not been successful in resolving many of the issues plaguing the online environment. If they were successful, data leaks and hacks would not be at an all time high.”

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