Avoma Launches Avoma Assistant for Zoom Apps

The Avoma Assistant provides AI-generated Notes and Transcript along with collaborative note-taking to enhance your in-meeting experience.

Avoma announced the launch of the Avoma Assistant for Zoom Apps that delivers an embedded experience accessible within Zoom Meetings. This new in-product app is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace, which hosts 1,400 third-party integrations that extend the power of Zoom’s industry-leading, video communications platform.

“Today, with the growing remote work trend, Zoom Meetings are the backbone of how you work and get things done. You collaborate with your teammates, sell to prospects, and onboard and support customers – all on Zoom,” said Aditya Kothadiya, Co-founder & CEO, Avoma. “With so much context switching between different meetings, you are likely toggling between 4-5 applications to run these meetings. And as a result, the information discussed gets lost in disparate systems, you can’t focus on the conversation while multitasking and taking notes, and then spend hours in sharing information with key stakeholders in your company.”

“With the Avoma Assistant for Zoom Apps, you can now simplify the preparation of meetings, automate the note-taking, streamline the knowledge sharing, and make data-driven decisions based on insights derived by AI – right within your Zoom experience,” Aditya Kothadiya, Co-founder & CEO added.

Avoma Assistant for Zoom Apps provides a comprehensive solution that augments and automates your meeting workflows across their entire lifecycle. It offers:

• Access information faster with calendar, notes, and transcripts – all in one place
• Prepare instantly with agenda templates instead of copying and pasting every time
• Collaborate in a single document for note-taking instead of manually collating individual notes

• Record and transcribe meetings to search, refer back, and watch topics of interest faster
• Get AI-generated summary notes for key topics so you can focus on the conversation
• Automatically sync notes to CRM records to save time in manual data entry

• Search for any phrase across all meetings and get proactive alerts for future mentions
• Share and curate the best moments with snippets and playlists for faster knowledge sharing and team onboarding
• Comment and tag team members in a transcript for faster collaboration and coaching

• Get visibility into topic trends and custom keywords to make data-driven decisions
• Identify the winning talk patterns and talk times of top performers to coach others
• Learn coaching insights in real-time for monologues, talk-time, filler words, etc. to improve performance

“Majority of the information discussed in online meetings gets lost as soon as the meeting ends or gets siloed among the meeting attendees. Moreover, in today’s remote world, we are in several meetings every day. Hence, it would help if you had a comprehensive solution that automates note-taking, analyzes conversations and offers coaching insights, and simplifies collaboration for cross-functional team alignment. And that is what the Avoma Assistant App for Zoom brings to the table. We are very excited to have Avoma on our platform”, shared Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations, Zoom.