iPhone App “Syndesy” Launches New Feature to Protect Family and Friends From COVID19

The “Syndesy” App’s “Check-Ins” Feature Protects Privacy While Helping Others

Syndesy LLC announced the release of a new feature called ‘Check-Ins’ which lets users check-in with the push of a button wherever they have to go during the Covid19 pandemic. The app can now help users keep each other safe if they are diagnosed with the virus by allowing users to generate a report of their check-ins for all their friends and family. This helps the community know quickly who might have been exposed, where, and when. The Syndesy app is available to download for free in the Apple App Store and was originally designed to create safe connections.

According to Los Angeles based, Syndesy co-founder, Jody Savin, “If we all keep track of where we have been and when, we can voluntarily share potential locations and times of exposure.” Savin added, “We do not live in an autocracy that is tracing our every movement, so it is incumbent upon us, as individuals, to keep track of our own movements should we become infected or if someone else with whom we have crossed paths becomes infected.”

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Originally designed for safe human connections, the Syndesy app is being offered for free in an effort to help support the containment of this pandemic.

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Users Can Check-In and Report with the Push of a Button

Syndesy’s “Check-Ins” feature allows users to store their geo-location with a date- and time-stamp.

Users can also generate a report that lists each place they have been over a selected period of time.

“Check-Ins” is a vital tool right now for users who have been infected to let others know exactly where they have been and when. By generating a Check-Ins report, users can provide friends, loved ones, and their communities with information to protect themselves and others, helping to contain the spiral of infection.

By working together at a time when the crisis demands we keep physically apart, Syndesy helps us to protect each other from the spread of Covid19.

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