New London-Based Social Media App, Frog, To Rival Competitors Through ‘Anti-fakeness’ Campaigns

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A brand new London-based social media app, Frog, has taken over the capital with creative campaigns sharing their message of ‘anti-fakeness’ and promoting their new app.

● The new Frog app aims to help the younger generation to connect with friends in a new way – no filter, no music, be honest.
● Since launching, Frog has gained over four million users with ever-growing communities in London, California, and Texas.
● Frog’s app team has launched several campaigns across London to encourage sign-ups and better users’ online experience by removing fakeness.

The London-based app Frog was set up by two students studying at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science). The social mavericks aim to redefine online messaging to make it more authentic and allow users to establish solid and real friendships.

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Frog is an instant video messaging app that focuses on building relationships that matter, designed to help Gen Z form long-lasting friendships and best friend bonds.

In the last few weeks, Frog’s London team has been taking over the streets of London with various installations to raise awareness for their app but also to encourage people to ditch their fake friends and work on building lasting relationships with people on the Frog app.

The pop-up acrylic mobile phone installations demonstrate how the app works through live stories. Set up nearby London’s signature landmarks, ‘The Frame’ included a typical conversation between friends on a see-through acrylic sheet, which replicates the app’s interface with a video playing in the background of your messaging chat. This unique feature can rival the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

Many social media influencers spotted the installations and shared the content with millions of followers and viewers, and as a result, the app has seen a huge spike in subscribers.

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So how does the app work?

The app combines instant messaging with story videos to create immersive and more intimate conversations.

The “Check on friends” feature gives users insight into who truly cares about them. Every time a friend checks in on you, you will be notified with “what you are doing (WYD).”

When your friends send you ‘wyd,’ it shows up on your camera page, and you can reply with SUPs (stories) to start a quick chat. The app allows you to text your friends while your SUPs are auto-playing in the background.

Other features include the ability to see if a friend has revisited a previous conversation, which is a unique feature that only the Frog app has. Stories can feature Q&A stickers, DMs, Party Mode, and About Me, making it a more engaging and spontaneous chat.