New Messaging App, Sortible, Allows Users To Organize Texting Messages

Sortible is an organized messaging app which allows users to create conversations based on topics. People send text messages all the times and it is sometimes difficult to keep track on topics being discussed. During a texting conversation between two people, a person may send two or more different topics and it may be hard for the other person to respond to each topic without disrupting the flow of the conversation. Sortible helps to fix that problem by creating a platform for organized messages.

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There are multiple benefits with Sortible which include:

1. Organize text messages: Create messages based on topics

2. Select text messages by dates: Select messages based on dates instead of spending countless minutes scrolling for old messages.

3. Exchange videos: Users can exchange videos with friends. If both users like the videos they presented for the exchange, a download link will be available for a limited time.

The main goal of Sortible is to replace regular texting and make it more organized for the user to sort based on topics and select by dates.

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