Tinkit Revolutionizes Social Information Exchange

Tinkit is an app that allows users to fully customize their own digitally branded LiveCard and instantly share and receive current information with their communication network

Tinkit is an interactive app for creating LiveCards – a digitally branded card with your current information that is easily shared across various media. It provides individuals and businesses with customizable options for privacy, design, analytics and networking. Tinkit is a change agent for embracing the age of social media and information exchange, eliminating wasteful practices like paper business cards.

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With Tinkit, there is no waste. Paper business cards can cost up to $500, meaning traditional cards aren’t just bad for the environment, they’re not cost effective either.

Anyone can create a LiveCard for free on Tinkit. Individuals and businesses can also subscribe for access to premium features such as custom templates, CRM system syncing and internal search optimization and promotion. With greener, 100% customizable LiveCards that are instantly transferrable, Tinkit is where connections come alive.

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“We are excited to introduce Tinkit and its fully customizable LiveCard platform,” says CEO of WMI Worldwide and developer of Tinkit, Michael Mpare. “We anticipate it being the new corporate standard for contact management and networking.”

Available on iOS or Android, Tinkit amplifies your communication network. No more missed opportunities. Share and receive LiveCards through several methods; a custom “Handshake” feature, scan a QR code with other Tinkers or simply text or message your LiveCard. By combining real-life interactions with the best features of the digital and social world, Tinkit is a smarter, greener way to do business.

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