Amazon Sellers Find New Way to Display Products and Raise Sales

Meeting the needs of Amazon small business owners, the professional photographers at Studio Dejavu are offering infographic images of products. These images boost sales and stimulate customers with high visibility and quality shots

Studio Dejavu is an Amazon Product Photography specialist. Using a combination of technique, lighting and above-average equipment, Studio Dejavu is able to create idealized shots that bring Amazon products to life and increase sales. Studio Dejavu is now expanding their operations and offerings to e-retailers by announcing the addition of infographic images for Amazon products.

It is no secret that Amazon is the world’s leading online retailer, and opening e-store fronts for small businesses has helped the company reach this point. The boom in these small shops has certainly led to stiff competition. Online retailers across the site work hard to make sure their products are listed and seen by as many people as possible, and product pictures are an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Most of the products displayed on Amazon are plain pictures on a white background. This was acceptable a few years ago, but with access to high-speed Internet increasing daily, more dynamic photographs are not only possible but also necessary. For Amazon sellers, maintaining a high customer base requires thinking outside of the box.

Marketing studies have consistently shown that products displayed next to visuals mentioning product features, dimensions and other factors increase online sales. Studio Dejavu assists e-retailers with their infographic photography needs by tailoring the infographic to the specific product. This way, potential customers see not only the product but also its details and features. Customers are much more likely to remember information when it accompanies a picture. “Infographic images add real value to Amazon listings and help differentiate products in a competitive marketplace. We focus on helping Amazon sellers rise their products above the crowd,” says Sabrina Sheriffs, Graphic Designer at Studio Dejavu.

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Studio Dejavu has worked with Amazon e-retailers since 2015, offering excellent quality pictures. Their attention to detail and professional photography allows e-retailers to concentrate more of their time on the marketing, selling and managing of their product lines and inventory rather than worrying about images.

Studio Dejavu has a simple process for infographic photography. Examples of infographics, stylized photographs, pricing and contact information are all available on the website.

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