Brandezk Launches Ecommerce Development on Shopify, Magento, and WordPress

Brandezk, a renowned web design agency, recently announced the introduction of E-commerce development services on its website. The company announced its development services for several platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WordPress, and also announced the development of 100% made-to-order E-commerce stores for clients having custom needs.

The company has specialized in providing mobile app development services for years. The recent shift in the company’s modus operandi, as stated by the managing director of the company, was made ‘in response to the changing times’.

Explaining the reason behind the introduction of the eCommerce development services, he stated, “The world has evolved. And we all see what happens to the companies when they do not follow the status quo. The introduction of the eCommerce development services will enable us to cater to customers’ diversifying needs and increase our existing customer base, helping us to set a strong foothold.”

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He further added, “While our focus has been entirely on diversifying our services to meet the varying demands of clients, we can guarantee it is not as per what is conventionally followed in the industry. As always, our focus lies on innovating our services, and for all the clients that opt for our newest addition to our corpus of services, we can guarantee one thing – The E-commerce platform they get will not only aptly meet their requirements, but will also ascertain that even the competitors are left in awe.”

Dave Cosgrove, web development head at Brandezk, recapitulated the reason behind the introduction of e-commerce web development services, stated, “We have gathered the best e-commerce developers under our roof who are ready to provide customized and robust solutions for both web and mobile platforms. Apart from benefitting the customers, these services will add value to our employees’ skill set and provide them an opportunity to enhance themselves further – leading to a positive learning atmosphere.”

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“Ecommerce stores are a 21st century phenomenon. Hence, all the practices and protocols that we follow are ensured to represent the 21st-century way. Our agency conducts a comprehensive analysis for each client and crafts a strategic digital solution accordingly that guarantees the best results. We promise to help brands create engaging and seamless experiences for their target prospects,” he further added.

The formal announcement of the services was followed by a major revamp on Brandezk’s official website. The company updated its web home page and included the series of E-commerce development services the company now offers with discounts. A dedicated section of E-commerce web development was also added to the service portfolio of the company.

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