Mintegral SDK Going Open-Source For Increased Transparency And Security

Following recent allegations raised about the ad data collected by the Mintegral SDK, Mintegral has announced its SDK will officially become open-source. While Mintegral denies recent allegations, the move to open-source the SDK is seen as a way to increase transparency within the adtech industry and provide complete visibility into its inner workings.

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The Move to Open-Source SDK

Mintegral’s move to open-source SDK allows mobile developers access to learn exactly how it works, without any concerns around unwanted code and/or functionality. Since everyone will be able to access it (and improve upon it), this will make the Mintegral open-source SDK more secure. In turn, it will be easier and faster to identify & address any risk as the SDK will undergo constant review by the mobile community.

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Open-Source SDK Is the Future

Moving to open-source SDKs benefits the whole mobile ad industry, by providing its customers and end-users with increased transparency and security, while further emphasizing features like speed, quality, and customizability. With this move, Mintegral is also encouraging other members of the mobile industry to do the same in order for the entire advertising ecosystem to thrive.

“We are about to move our industry-leading SDK to an open-source environment, and I am excited about the possibilities that come with it, not just for our team, but for all our partners, and ultimately everyone in the mobile ad industry. I believe transparency is a crucial tool towards a stronger and safer industry, and we will work hard to make sure that our partners and our clients will constantly benefit from the highest transparency and security standards available,” said Erick Fang, Mintegral CEO.

As the industry demands more transparency from its players, Mintegral believes it’s important to provide full clarity around the SDK and its capabilities. As a COPPA-certified member, and fighting ad fraud with the adoption of App-Ads.txt; to getting open measurement SDK certification from IAB Tech Lab and adding support for Sellers.json and Supply Chain Object, Mintegral has always been a major advocate for data privacy, security, and transparency.

What’s Next?

Mintegral plans on rolling out the open-source SDK within the next week and will notify their partners and clients as soon as such changes have been made. Mintegral will also release a breakdown of how the SDK operates in a future article.

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