KERV Interactive, a recognized technology company specializing in visual IR driven interactive video for brands, has launched a new Shop Scroll feature that enables consumers to clink on shoppable links throughout the duration of a video.

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With Shop Scroll, unobtrusive and organic links ensure products never disappear from an interactive video, all while maintaining an enjoyable viewing experience. The Shop Scroll bullets can be purposed as call-to-action buttons, product details, product carousels, product scrolls, and more. The net result is a more dynamic interactive video that directly fosters increased engagement and the potential for more shopping and sales.

“Our Shop Scroll feature continues our endeavor to make video more interactive, more engaging, and more profitable,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive. “This feature combines the best of both worlds: organic and subtle interactive elements that do not detract from the viewing experience, but that also increase shoppability and commerce.”

KERV helps brands transform their video assets into fully interactive storefronts (with pixel-level customization), targeted and full of shoppable information that both enhances usefulness and commerce opportunities. KERV’s custom, dynamic interactive ad technology increases a video’s consumer engagement, boosts shoppability by over five times, generates more time spent with content assets and increases interactions – such as QR scans – by over 50 percent.

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