Marketing 360 Multi-Channel Strategy Drives Sales for Ecommerce Business

With the plethora of online stores available to consumers, it’s extremely important to deploy a well-rounded marketing strategy to maximize brand awareness and sales. The Marketing 360® multi-channel strategy does just that.

In this case study, the Marketing 360 multi-channel marketing strategy helped an eCommerce business drive record sales. With the help of their team at Marketing 360, this online store saw just how much of an impact a multi-channel marketing strategy could have on increasing sales.

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Through optimizing their product pages for both organic and paid opportunities, they were able to drive 8.7 million impressions, 103 thousand clicks, and almost 5 thousand conversions just in the last six months.

The strategy? With the help of their Marketing Success Manager and Content Marketing Specialist, they used the Marketing 360 multi channel marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to their website. They optimized their products with informative, well-written descriptions that contained keywords that afforded them huge organic opportunities. They also optimized their product images to ensure a great user experience. From there, they worked to build trust by gaining reviews and product ratings, and then displayed those ratings on each product page.

Once their product pages were well optimized, they employed the Marketing 360 multi-channel marketing strategy and used a combination of paid ads across channels as well as continued to update their website with ongoing content to increase organic ranking.

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