Nexcess Enhances Scaling for Traffic Spikes Just in Time for Black Friday

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Nexcess, the market leader in Open Source Digital Commerce, has taken their auto scaling features to the next level by introducing Nexcess Advanced Auto Scaling. Freelancers and agencies already familiar with their existing offering will be delighted with the new feature.

Like Nexcess Auto Scaling, Advanced Auto Scaling protects sites from heavy concurrent traffic and the strain it puts on eCommerce stores. The release comes just as agencies & enterprises are working to optimize performance during the expected extreme traffic spikes this holiday season.

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For online stores, having a multitude of website visitors is similar to managing long lines in a brick and mortar store. When many people line up to check out at the same time, new registers will open to ease the flow and keep consumers engaged instead of enraged. Nexcess launched Advanced Auto Scaling as a feature that dynamically adds resources to accommodate bursts in high concurrency traffic. As a result, product pages and checkouts remain fast and crash-proof, helping reduce cart abandonment while providing a consistent customer experience.

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Nexcess has provided Auto Scaling for free for every customer for up to 24 hours. It’s automatic and hasn’t required any user intervention. SMBs and enterprises alike take advantage of the capability, but for growing businesses, there’s been both a time and resource limit with the free feature. Highly trafficked sites and large eCommerce stores often need more resources and need them for longer – consistent feedback Nexcess has heard from its enterprise partners. This is what drove the creation of Advanced Auto Scale – a solution that scales infinitely as it shifts and distributes the work across multiple servers without any time constraints.

‘While significant traffic is a good problem to have, if you’re not prepared to handle it, you may lose a customer for life’ says¬†Chris Lema, VP of Product at Nexcess. ‘Our auto scaling features made scaling automation available to everyone. Now, with Advanced Auto Scaling – we provide inexhaustible resources. And we hide all the technical complexity so that you don’t have to be an expert in PHP workers or containers,” said Lema.

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