HighJump Digitally Transforms Retail with Supply Chain of the Future at NRF 2019

Cloud, Warehouse Control, Voice and Simulation Revolutionize Retail Execution to Meet Ever-Higher Consumer Expectations

HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, unveils how it will lead the digital transformation (DX) of retail execution. Through the cloud, warehouse control, voice technology and warehouse simulation, HighJump empowers retailers worldwide with the connected, automated supply chain of the future.

Consumer expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice and adaptability are rising. This is in addition to new business models spanning ecommerce and subscription services – all in light of a rapidly shrinking workforce. As a result, retailers need the flexibility and visibility to make smarter, faster decisions for their supply chains. HighJump’s latest advances make this possible, enabling retailers to seamlessly implement new workflows and emerging technologies.

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HighJump Now: This global initiative is strengthening supply chains worldwide with the cloud. Companies gain the capacity and secure environment required for advanced data analytics and technologies spanning artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain, IoT and machine learning.

HighJump Warehouse Control System (WCS): The HighJump WCS uniquely creates a single point of data and communication amongst all material handling equipment (MHE) and the warehouse management system (WMS). This provides visibility to enhance workflows in real-time, such as integrating and managing autonomous mobile robots.

HighJump CLASS: HighJump’s simulation solution allows retailers to test warehouse layouts in a virtual world. Both 2D and 3D visualizations capitalize on supply chain data to enhance existing and effectively design new facilities.

HighJump Voice: HighJump’s voice technology is part automation, part human interaction – empowering and attracting talent with future technologies. This includes using voice to direct automated vehicles or as the primary means of direction with augmented reality (AR) systems.

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“Whether a high-volume, complex logistics operation or an SMB with limited resources, the shift to an on-demand model is challenging,” said Sean Elliott, chief technology officer at HighJump. “Combining the possibilities of data science with automation, HighJump delivers the insight and adaptability to improve supply chains faster and more accurately than ever before to meet industry demands.”

“Leading retailers view the supply chain as a tool to deliver business performance and to fuel growth,” said John Santagate, research director at IDC.  “Digital technology is a key component in achieving such improvements in today’s environment.  Using digital technologies, companies can improve their ability to solve problems, reduce costs, enhance customer experiences, and drive quality improvements and increased operational speed.  HighJump’s approach to continuous innovation has helped it deliver products and solutions that are helping its customers leverage digital technology to transform their supply chain.”

NRF attendees can learn more about these solutions at HighJump stand #2837, January 13-15, 2019 at the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

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