Moxian Appoints a New CEO

Moxian (BVI) Inc., an Internet media marketing services provider, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Mr. Conglin (Forrest) Deng as its Chief Executive Officer of the Company, with immediate effect.

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Mr. Forrest Deng, who is also a director of the Company, will be responsible for identifying and managing new business opportunities for the Company as it seeks to forge a path of sustained profitability. Aged 38, Mr. Deng has served as the General Manager of Beijing Jiuteng Investment Limited since 2016, where he was responsible for managing its blockchain and bitcoin mining related investments. Prior to this engagement, he was a co-founder of a company involved in the operation of online games and games publishing.

Mr. Deng graduated from the Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2007, with a Major in English.

Mr. Deng does not have any interest in the shares of the Company and has signed a renewable three- year agreement with the Company, with a base salary of $120,000 per annum. The Board will grant Mr. Deng 600,000 Restricted Stock Units (“RSUs”) of the Company to acquire an equal number of common shares of the Company subject to shareholders” approval. The RSUs will vest evenly over the period of his employment with the Company.

In congratulating Mr. Deng on his appointment, Mr. Hao Qinghu, the Chairman, said “With Forrest to lead the management team, we are confident that his experience and entrepreneurship will bring fresh vigour to the Company, as it embarks on new investment opportunities.”

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