Hubilo Presents New Playbook for Virtual Meetings and Events to Help Event Marketers

Hubilo creates and shares the go-to toolkit for event marketers

After the chaos of 2020, “business as usual” is still anything, but ordering swag and planning event themes. Event planners are brainstorming how to handle the uncertainty of the delta variant and how the changes in attendee behavior will impact their revenue.

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Hubilo Technologies Inc, the world-class category leader in virtual and hybrid event management technology, hosted “Behind the Scenes of Events Reimagined,” where an unusual group of speakers emerged to relieve the anxiety event organizers are experiencing surrounding their events. Cinematographers and production assistants, who are normally behind the camera rather than in front of it, shared how to level up virtual events by treating them like film productions. Their topics included:

  • Movie secrets to make your event seem magical
  • Essential A/V skills for every event marketer
  • Key takeaways to run a successful virtual event

“Hubilo continues to pave the way for companies to create more engaging and exciting event experiences, which will be necessary as audiences redefine how and when they engage in an event. When we launched the latest version of the Hubilo platform two months ago to nearly 2,000 attendees across 100 countries, we were able to immediately take advantage of a robust new source of marketing data and analytics that we never had before,” said Liesl Leary-Perez, Vice President of Corporate Marketing. “Because of these insights, we were able to quickly create an effective campaign to drive revenue and results from our events, despite the unpredictable nature of COVID-19.”

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The event served to highlight how brands must compete for the time and attention of their audiences with streaming content creators. With studio know-how, Hubilo’s intuitive platform and exceptional white-glove support, the event demonstrated how events of any size – from two attendees up to 2 million – can be as immersive as the shows we binge watch, as well as, being achievable for any organization. As the current demands of our hybrid and the virtual world require more from every event, including events meant to drive employee engagement such as annual sales kickoffs, job fairs, employee training programs, diversity celebrations, or even a company town hall, Hubilo’s vision could have events becoming as ubiquitous, and as anticipated as the Amazon boxes we have sitting on our doorsteps.

With more than 100 million event engagements in 18 months across more than 6000 events, Hubilo’s platform boasts the largest suite of engagement and gamification features of any other platform in the industry. During the behind-the-scenes show, keynote speakers showcased how organizations could create engaging and immersive experiences where attendees – in person or behind a screen – actively participate, network in lounges, or visit booths rather than just passively listen.

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