In-Person Conference Apps – Grupio Introducing the New-Norm for Corporate/Businesses


Grupio announces new chat features integrated with their in-person conference app that could be customized for corporates & businesses based on their needs.

Grupio, a reliable event app partner, promotes this excellent go-to tool for businesses — In-person Conference App.

Companies that operate with multiple departments and employ over 50 people comprehend the value of precise communication, sending real-time updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Grupio’s In-Person Conference App made it all far easier and pretty much instant. It’s undoubtedly a tremendous tool for businesses taking off on a wide scale. The team at Grupio believes that rounding up the troops using the app will greatly benefit an organization. They say if all employees use the same app throughout office-associated work, the outcome never gets wrong.

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The new chat feature in the conference app enables attendees to:

  • Get real-time feedback -Managers could ask everyone to share their input via the app, even during the meeting. Suggestions and comments by the employees can help leaders and event organizers curate better conferences, workshops, and discussions in the near future.
  • Vote in polls – Request employees to vote on their favorite pitch or ideas throughout the meeting. This feature ensures that everyone participates in the meeting and no voice remains unheard.
  • Easy and effective communication – It is practically impossible to hear out everyone’s points simultaneously. The app entitles managers to review it all smoothly while keeping everyone’s opinions in the same place.
  • Time-efficient – Keeping everyone updated about the meetings and more is vital; however, managers may not be able to brief each employee. Through in-person apps, everyone receives the same push messages, alerts, and updates and ensures all in the business are on the same page.

In short, the use of the app for conducting conferences can assist in enhancing communication and building bonds.

Grupio promises you a custom in-person conference app tailored to your unique requirements. You can choose any among Grupio Express, Grupio Custom, and Grupio Multi-Event.

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