Video Creation for Dummies

First, gather your assets.

You need to gather the images and video clips you want to use in your video. With Wochit’s enormous asset library, this takes mere moments.

Once you’re logged in, simply type a search term into the “Media Search” box. You’ll see the video and still assets all available for your use. If you don’t see what you need, try toggling to “Creative Media” to find even more stock footage. Whether you’re covering the news of the day or creating an evergreen piece, there are a huge amount of assets to choose from.

For simplicity’s sake, it is easiest to craft your first video from still images. Once you get the basics down, you can start choosing and snipping video assets from our library for your pieces. Let’s aim for choosing six images this time.

Find one that suits your needs, open it and click “Add to Lightbox.” Now find four more you want to use as part of your story and repeat this. Finally, choose the 6th image to use as your intro slide. For this one, try to pick something colorful or eye-catching, but also representative of the content.

Now click “Continue” and, for this guide, choose “No Voiceover.”

Second, organize your story.

Now comes the fun part! Click and drag the images you’ve chosen down from your Lightbox and place them onto the Timeline. Drop them in the order you like, but you can rearrange them on the timeline as well.

The editing options available allow you to extend and shorten the length of each asset, choosing how long it will appear on screen. Once all your images are in place and in order, hover over the first (your intro slide) and click “edit.”

Choose “Text” and add a title for your video. Now go through the rest of your assets, adding text to each slide to tell your story. Be creative! Try different colors, and animations, but remember to let the visuals take center stage. For more on making the most of text overlay, check out our guide.

Third, add music.

Since we’re not using voice over in this video, add some music! While many videos are watched with the sound off, and you should craft videos with that possibility in mind, it’s best to always have some music in the background. It helps enhance the experience for viewers who do have the sound on.

Under the preview window, click Audio “replace” and choose a track. All of the tracks in our library are licensed for use through Wochit.

Try to find a track that matches the tone of your piece. If your video is a playful or humorous piece, look for something upbeat. If you’re covering more serious news, you might choose a track that is more subdued.

Finally, publish your video!

You’re almost done…are you ready to publish? Before you do, preview your video in the top left preview window. Be sure to watch it all the way through at least once to make sure it’s ready to go and make any necessary adjustments.

When you’re satisfied and ready, click “Produce My Video” in the bottom right.

Congratulations! You just made your first Wochit video!

That wasn’t so hard, now was it? In the Dashboard, you can download your video or upload it directly to social. And your video remains available for you to download, share, or even edit and alter moving forward.

Now that you’ve got your feet wet, you’ll soon be a Wochit pro. As you get more comfortable with video creation and look to experiment more with the tools available, be sure to check out all of our great resources on everything from creation to social optimization and beyond!

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