Advangelists, LLC Brings an Adtech Oracle to Life

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Advangelists, LLC, a digital next generation AI Driven Platform-as-a-service company, today announced the launch of AdOracle – a Next Generation Real time avails prediction tool. AdOracle aims to automate Sales Planning, Forecasting and RFP response problems. It gives a way to “predict the future.”

“AdOracle is an industry first tool that is able to predict with up to 95% accuracy Availability of qualified inventory and its pricing based on Audience Targeting, Location targeting all the way from country to a specific polygon level, frequency capping, Device targeting, Application targeting and many more,” said Lokesh Mehta, Chief Technology Officer at Advangelists. Further he added: “AdOracle is designed to make life for Ad Operations and Account Management teams smooth and easy. If they can predict the future, they can deliver the best results.”

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Deep Katyal, CEO of Advangelists added: “AdOracle is a godsend for Sales and Planning efforts as well. This helps Sales teams always have information at their fingertips for their clients.” He added: “If you can show your client their potential userbase in a live platform based on their targeting, user profile and reach, it results in accurate forecasting, detailed and transparent RFPs and great marketing plans.”

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He further expressed his excitement and said: “AdOracle is an incredible addition to Advangelists’ propriety stack- ATOS. We are very excited to offer this to our clients COMPLIMENTARY. We want them to know in advance what they are paying for – NO MORE SURPRISES!!”

AdOracle uses its proprietary AI and ML engine to take into consideration total traffic available, process then calculates eligible traffic, winnable traffic in the programmatic land and the predictability score of a potentially engaged user to give advertisers a wide peak into the future and gives operational teams transparent insights into delivery of their campaigns.

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