Amplero Lifts Lid on AI’s Black Box for Marketers with New AI-Fueled Learned Insights Capability

Amplero, a recognized leader in core artificial intelligence marketing technology, announced enhancements to its pioneering AIM Learned Insights capability.

The announcement comes immediately following a $17.5 million Series B funding round co-led by Greycroft and Ignition Partners.

Powering personalized, cross-channel customer experiences at brands like Sprint, Xbox, Virgin Mobile, DoubleDown Interactive, the Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform adaptively optimizes every customer interaction to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty at a scale that’s not humanly possible.

“Both the customer experience and the enterprise marketing infrastructure landscape are being transformed through the application of artificial intelligence at the core of the martech stack,” said Andrew Toner, Chief Technology Officer, Amplero. “The machine-intuited insights surfaced as part of the Amplero AIM Platform’s revamped Learned Insights feature provides marketers critical new visibility into campaign performance and customer behavior, while automatically and continuously optimizing toward the marketer’s specified KPIs.”

“For companies to deliver optimized customer experiences, there can no longer be daylight between systems of engagement and systems of record—measurement, insight and action must be synonymous. Based on the number of customer attributes and potential customer experiences, the average B2C enterprise has more testable permutations than the length of the universe in seconds. Rules-based, “bolt-on AI” testing platforms and traditional analytics technologies simply cannot run even a fraction of the simultaneous experiments necessary to keep up,” said Olly Downs, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist, Amplero.

As part of the Amplero AIM Platform, the new Learned Insights capability provides powerful benefits to B2C marketers in enterprise organizations working to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale:

  • Makes AI real for marketers by lifting the lid on the “black box” approach prevalent among marketing vendors claiming AI. Marketers have access to key learnings related to both short-term engagement metrics and longer-term business KPIs such as incremental revenue and retention rates, without dependencies on data science or business intelligence teams for analysis and recommendations.
  • Transforms the marketing campaign process from one of journey building and hypothesis testing to one of dynamic discovery. The Amplero AIM Platform uses machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to recursively test and continuously optimize thousands of marketing permutations at the nano-level to expose marketing performance drivers that otherwise may have been overlooked.
  • Proactively distills learnings into key themes that are surfaced to the marketer in an insightful and intuitive way, with deep links to relevant reports for further context and insight. This approach ensures that deep learnings being discovered and acted upon by the Amplero AIM platform may be understood by the marketer, shared and applied across the organization to shape future creative, offer and product development,  provide alerts to unexpected shifts in customer behaviors, and monitor campaign efficacy.

“With its ability to runs thousands of tests simultaneously and orchestrate decisions based on our entire customer data ecosystem, the Amplero AIM Platform optimizes our customer experiences and delivers deep-dive insights at a scale that’s not humanly possible,” said Angela Sigley-Rittgers, CMO of Sprint’s Prepaid Brands. “The numbers speak for themselves. After implementing the Amplero AIM Platform, we saw a 10 percent year-on-year increase in prepaid ARPU, resulting in millions of dollars in incremental revenue.”

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