AntWorks Joins Hands With LiveChat to Improve Online Conversations and Accelerate Customer Delight

AntWorks, a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company, announced a partnership with LiveChat, a company that offers premium customer service software used by businesses to communicate with customers browsing their website. The primary beneficiaries of this partnership will be the joint customers of AntWorks and LiveChat who will be able to improve customer service as well as the quality of online conversations. With this partnership, both LiveChat and AntWorks have proven they are focused on innovation in the rapidly changing and dynamic technology business.

The solution leverages LiveChat’s product which supports or replaces traditional sales methods within a company. LiveChat helps to quickly and intuitively reach customers visiting the company’s website or online store. In addition, LiveChat helps businesses create customer delight through immediate online support that guides customers seamlessly through their purchase journey.

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AntWorks is known for redefining automation landscape by addressing data challenges with its unique platform, ANTstein. The first – and only – intelligent, integrated, end-to-end automation platform that does not use OCR, ANTstein is built using the principles of fractal, not neural, networks. Additionally, AntWorks offers integrated Cognitive Machine Reading, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning coupled with Natural Language Understanding, which sets it apart from other current RPA players.

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“With ANTstein, we have built a powerful platform to tackle one of the biggest challenges for the industry – unstructured data,” says Asheesh Mehra, Co-founder and CEO of AntWorks, adding, “With the LiveChat partnership, we will enable businesses simplify the online experience for their end customers. Our ANTstein platform can be leveraged to provide natural language understanding and machine learning capabilities, as well as the ability to transport the processed data into any system using our robotic process automation tool. In turn, LiveChat’s communication tools, resources, and expertise will enhance Antworks’ automation and artificial intelligence capabilities. We look forward to developing more such integrated solutions for our joint customers.”

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