BetaCare Launches WhatsApp Chatbot for Virtual Patient Consultation

Chatbot experience and WhatsApp connectivity are provided by Dotgo

BetaCare, an innovative provider of digital healthcare services in Nigeria, has launched a WhatsApp chatbot to provide a seamless consultation experience to patients virtually. Especially during COVID-19, many patients may feel hesitant towards visiting hospitals or clinics, or in general would like to avoid all the hassle and queues at the healthcare facilities. In such a scenario, BetaCare chatbot can be an effective solution wherein the patients get their required consultation without the need to step out of their homes.

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The WhatsApp chatbot experience is built by Dotgo, a cloud communications provider of rich business messaging solutions. Dotgo is an official a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider (BSP), providing APIs to brands and developers for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages.

BetaCare decided to launch its service on WhatsApp as it is the most preferred messaging platform in Nigeria. Around 93 percent of smartphone users in Nigeria use WhatsApp, bringing the BetaCare WhatsApp service to customers in every part of the country. Expert doctors of various specialties are available for consultation on BetaCare. Patients can reach out for medical consultation by sending a WhatsApp message at +234-904-715-2190, or from the Dotgo Bot Store. Basic details such as name, age, gender is asked followed by booking an appointment.

A payment link is sent to the patient. Once the payment is made, the patient is connected to a doctor inside the Betacare chatbot itself, without the need to reveal the doctor’s personal number.

BetaCare chatbot is listed on Bot Store®, the world’s largest open directory of RCS and WhatsApp chatbots. Users can scan the QR code or click on the “Connect-Me” button to initiate a medical consultation.

“We are excited to launch our healthcare chatbot and live agent solution with Dotgo. Their expertise and knowledge have helped us build a transformative healthcare experience for our customers, bringing expert medical advice from a doctor into their WhatsApp. With WhatsApp being one of the widely used messaging apps having more than 2 billion users across the globe, we would like to leverage its potential to streamline healthcare solutions, and to enable patients to have seamless consultation experience,” says Tosin Obafemi, CEO, BetaCare.

“Telehealth consultation is on the rise during the pandemic, as there is anxiety from the patients to visit clinics or hospitals in-person. Dotgo is delighted to work with BetaCare and help them provide quality health care virtually and seamlessly over WhatsApp, using Dotgo’s APIs and services,” says Barinderpal Mumick, VP Operations and Business Development at Dotgo.