BMC Announces Cognitive Service Management with AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Capabilities

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New Offering Built With IBM Watson Technology Optimizes Service Management Experience In Multi-Cloud Environments For Employees, Agents, And Developers

BMC announced a partnership to seamlessly integrate AI technologies from IBM Watson, a leading AI platform for business, into BMC’s leading IT Service Management solutions for the digital enterprise. IBM Watson Conversation and Discovery capabilities enable service management teams to deliver a better service experience to employees across multi-cloud environments, using chatbots to simplify and enhance employee self-service. Watson technology also delivers speed and increases the accuracy of ticket classification and resolution, enabling agents to spend less time on repetitive tasks so they are more productive, while also driving down the cost of service delivery.

Nayaki Nayyar
Nayaki Nayyar

“Traditional ITSM solutions face immense challenges and heightened expectations when delivering service in today’s multi-cloud environments. BMC addresses these complexities by combining the power of IBM Watson with our Cognitive Service Management solutions to deliver intelligent, conversational, and predictive service management experiences for the enterprise,” Nayaki Nayyar, President, Digital Service Management, BMC said.

Beth Smith
Beth Smith

“The combination of BMC Cognitive Service Management and IBM Watson technology can help enable enterprises to transform their service management capabilities and add value to existing systems. This is yet another example of how organizations are enhancing business processes by infusing them with AI,” Beth Smith, General Manager, IBM Watson Platform said.

The BMC Cognitive Service Management approach enables IT to better manage today’s multi-cloud, multi-device, and omni-channel realities by:

  • Embedding cognitive capabilities into Remedy Service Management Suite to automate classification, assignment, and routing of incidents, and transform the way services are delivered by agents.
  • Using virtual agents and chatbots to create a self-service experience with BMC Digital Workplace that employees want to consume and engage with, and help enterprises scale beyond traditional channels.
  • Enabling developers and enterprises to embed predictive intelligence into applications during development, leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities from IBM Watson through a cognitive micro-service delivered on BMC Innovation Suite.

Cognitive Service Management is available on BMC Innovation Suite, with updates planned for BMC Digital Workplace and Remedy Service Management Suite this quarter.

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