Eyes Rapid Expansion via Magento Plugin – AI for e-commerce – has launched a Magento plugin to help its expanding user base in integrating quickly and effectively with its services. Using the plugin e-commerce, companies running on Magento can integrate with the platform within a matter of few clicks.

Ajay Kashyap

“Magento is one of the popular e-commerce platforms in India and abroad. With this plugin launch, we are targeting an addition of a 1000 new customers in next few months. Plugins for other popular platforms like Shopify and PrestaShop are on the way,” says Ajay Kashyap, one of the Co-founders of

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Founded by a team of renowned data scientists and tech geeks with multiple patents and decades of experience in this area, uses AI-powered algorithms to identify and deliver the most accurate, relevant and personalized product recommendations for each customer across every touch point. was founded by IIT batchmates: Shitiz, Ajay and Prakhar in 2016. Backed by an initial funding of half a million dollars by Unicorn investments and angel investors, is really taking shopping online to a whole new level by providing intelligence to a bunch of e-commerce websites.’s constantly learning and genetically evolving algorithms map a customer’s interactions (every click, filter, search etc.), current context such as name, age, location, date, weather etc. and finds the probability of buy for each customer for every product on the e-commerce website. It then uses the Omni-channel execution engine to personalize every customer’s experience with the website and its communication.

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Running on deep neural networks,, unlike its competitors, calculates the recommendations at runtime instead of segmented batch processes allowing it to respond to the latest interactions by customers at blazingly fast speed with a response time of under 100 ms. is leading the wave in democratizing the use of AI in e-commerce industry. Traditionally a forte of tech giants like Amazon due to cost and time implications, is making the latest, cutting-edge AI technologies available to both large and small e-commerce startups helping them to be competitive irrespective of their scale of operations.

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