CloudCommerce’s AI-driven SWARM Platform Onboards New Clients Across Multiple Industries

New clients putting the Company’s AI-driven SWARM platform to a real-world test represent such diverse industries as mortgage lending, solar panel installations and heavy equipment rental.

CloudCommerce, Inc., a leading provider of digital advertising solutions, today announced that its AI-driven SWARM platform is onboarding new clients across multiple industries, such as mortgage lending, solar panel installations and heavy equipment rental.

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“We shall soon see if SWARM has met its match,” said Andrew Van Noy, CEO of CloudCommerce. “During the last six months, our AI-driven SWARM platform has exceeded expectations for every single new client. However, we have never onboarded a diverse group of businesses at the same time under the same economic conditions. This will be an important test for SWARM. Our goal is to potentially reduce the cost of each test advertising campaign by as much as 50%.”

“Based on our past experience, we expect SWARM to win each and every battle,” Mr. Van Noy continued. “Machines are simply smarter than humans. SWARM analyzes a robust mix of audience data to help businesses find who to talk to, what to say to them, and how to market to them. We do this by applying advanced data science, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and market research techniques to discover, develop and create custom audiences for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.”

Mr. Van Noy concluded, “I am reminded of the great human vs. computer battles. In the early tournaments, humans won more games. However, computer programs have been able to beat the best human chess players ever since IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeated Gary Kasparov on May 12, 1997. Why should it be any different in the world of digital advertising? The diverse factors that determine a successful advertising campaign outcome are more than can be comprehended or even analyzed by the human mind. We expect our AI-driven SWARM platform to win every single time it is deployed.”

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