DeepBrain Chain Launches AI Mining Workstation; Aims to Become the “Uber of AI Computing”

DeepBrain Chain Officially Announced the Presale of AI Mining Workstation at AI Congress Las Vegas in May 2018

Recently, high computing cost has become an obstacle to the development of the AI industry, AI companies must continue to purchase the very-pricey computing powers in order to keep training more accurate models. Enters DeepBrain Chain, whose network utilizes blockchain technology to integrate the globally distributed computing resources while providing customized, decentralized and dynamic services based purely on the needs of AI companies.

AI Mining Workstation is said to be an integral part of the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem, allowing users to train AI models at a much lower cost while earning profits via DBC (DeepBrain Chain’s own cryptocurrency). For DeepBrain Chain ecosystem, Gathering the scattered computing resources within the blockchain network not only help AI companies save computing costs but also increase the ecological value of DeepBrain Chain, making it a win-win for all parties involved.

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Dongyan Wang
Dongyan Wang

“The preorder of AI Mining Workstations is the first strategic milestone of DeepBrain Chain’s blockchain-based AI global platform and ecosystem,” says Dr. Dongyan Wang, Chief AI Officer and Executive VP of DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley AI + Blockchain Center.

Dr. Dongyan added, “It significantly reduces AI development costs by approximately 70%, as well as drastically reducing AI application and product development time, from several months down to weeks or even days.”

DeepBrain Chain also offers group purchase and hosting services. Buyers can use the group purchase method to raise capital to purchase the workstation. Instead of delivering to the buyer, a DeepBrain Chain agent will be used for operation and maintenance, and the mining proceeds will then be distributed to the buyer. DeepBrain Chain will also establish multiple mines around the world, allowing buyers to either keep the workstation in their own data center, or have DeepBrain Chain hosts it for you.

The Workstation will come in three versions: med-size ($6,000 – $20,000), full-size ($12,500 – $31,000), and super-size (price per customization), based on the differences in GPUs, and can only be purchased with DBC. In addition to the revenue from mining, miners will also have the opportunity to gain great benefits through DBC appreciation, completing the task of user AI trainings on DeepBrain Chain network, as well as the high Resale values of the GPUs.

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