NAVER Offers New Search Experience with AiRSearch AI Technology

NAVER Corporation today introduced a personalized search service called ‘AiRSearch’ at the virtual NAVER Meetup event titled ‘Changes in NAVER Search for New Search Usability.’ AiRSearch is NAVER’s AI-powered search recommendation technology, encompassing AiRS(AI Content Recommendation Engine), AiTEMS(AI Product Recommendation Engine) and AiRSPACE(AI Place Recommendation Engine)

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“AiRSearch will be the beginning of a big change representing NAVER’s new search as much as the “integrated search,” which was the most differentiated feature,” said Sang-Bum Kim, Director of NAVER Search CIC. “Through the expanded application of AiRSearch technology, we can provide personalized information so that users can explore further and access information quickly.”

Exploratory search rises, accounting for 65% of total search queries

There is an increasing tendency of users to explore various information rather than finding one right answer. Exploratory searches account for about 65% of queries entered into NAVER Search, with a 10% increase in query diversity seen every year.

NAVER’s new search technology, which analyzes users’ intent and interest, allows users to not just find answers but to discover their taste through search results for various topics. Kim explained, “The need for personalized search that can specify the vague intent and interest of individual users is on the rise, making information browsing a part of the search.”

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Evolution from ‘Integrated Search’ centered on standardized collections of search result such to ‘AiRSearch’ centered on Smart Blocks

Until now, search results were categorized under the same verticals for every user. However, standardized search results may not always cater to users’ diverse search intentions.

With AiRSearch, these search results will be provided in block units that reflect current trends and individual interests. Smart Blocks are created based on NAVER’s long-established AI technology, data and deep insights about users. Smart blocks are provided to users through “Smart Block Creation” based on content analysis and “Smart Block Ranking” based on user intent, where NAVER’s various AI technologies are reflected at each stage.

“With personalized Smart Blocks, users are able to quickly access the information they want or catch diverse trends without entering multiple search queries for the desired results,” said Kim. For example, if you search for ‘Camping,’ one can view Smart Blocks of various topics, such as Camping Supplies List, Camping for Beginners, Camping Equipment, Camping Vibes, Auto-Camping Supplies, in order of interest based on the user’s gender and age.

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