Originality.ai Announces New AI Detection Models: 2.0.1 Standard (BETA) and 1.0.0 Lite

This new release refines the ability to identify AI-generated content with extreme accuracy.

Originality.ai, a leader in AI content detection, proudly announces the release of two new AI detection models, positioning themselves as the most accurate solution for identifying AI-generated content.

As new and improved LLMs are released, we need to update our models and our benchmark testing to reflect these advancements. These two new models bring significant improvements to our software.”
— Jon Gillham Founder and CEO

First- the 2.0.1 Standard model is an improved version of their flagship 2.0.0 Standard model, offering enhanced capabilities and precision. This new release refines the ability to identify AI-generated content with extreme accuracy.

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It offers:

– Fewer false positives with a false positive rate under 2%.
– Slightly higher accuracy with 99%+ accuracy in AI content detection.

Second- the 1.0.0 Lite model is a new addition designed to address the issue of AI-powered content tools potentially triggering AI detection flags, which can result in false positives. This model aims to better differentiate between lightly AI-edited content and fully AI-generated content.

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It offers:

– Highly accurate with 98% accuracy in detecting AI content.
– An under 1% false positive rate
– Allows for lightly AI-edited content while still differentiating between light AI editing and fully generated AI content.

The 1.0.0 Lite model is particularly well-suited for academia due to its industry low false positive rate.

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