PageProof Announces PageProof Intelligence™

PageProof announces PageProof Intelligence™, amplifying online proofing efficiency for marketing and creative teams.

PageProof, the industry-leading online proofing platform for enterprises, creative agencies, and marketing teams, announced the launch of their intelligence suite features releasing now and beyond 2024.

Every PageProof Intelligence™ innovation is meticulously crafted to empower marketing and creative teams, ensuring it’s both impactful and user-friendly.”
— Gemma Rann, CEO& Founder of PageProof

PageProof Intelligence™ utilizes a series of algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and data predictions through machine learning (ML) to further enhance how marketing and creative teams review and approve creative content. Their innovative approach brings AI and machine learning into business processes, driving decision-making and improvements to workflows, automating brand-specific review, and analyzing reviewer behaviors for productivity improvements – resulting in tangible improvements to creative workflows and operational efficiency.

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The first PageProof Intelligence™ AI feature released is Smart Tags. Smart Tags allow users to find proofs quickly and easily using AI-powered image recognition, eliminating the need to rely on naming conventions or manual tagging.

“Every PageProof Intelligence™ innovation is meticulously crafted to empower marketing and creative teams, ensuring it’s both impactful and user-friendly,” – Gemma Rann, CEO of PageProof.

Key features available now:

– Smart Tags: Find proofs quickly and easily without relying on the way they were named or tagged, thanks to AI-powered image recognition.

Features on the road map for 2024 and beyond:

– Smart Flow (coming soon): Enhancements to creative workflows offered to improve the probability of work meeting deadlines.
– Smart Compare (coming soon): AI enhancements to PageProof’s Smart Compare feature to amplify the identification of differences between proofs and proof versions.
– Smart Check (coming soon): Automated checks to identify whether brand guidelines are met, spelling is correct, links are not broken, accessibility considerations have been made, QR codes and barcodes are accurate, and more.
– Smart Reports (2025): Data-driven insights into your team’s proofing data will be presented to aid decision-making and optimize your organization’s approval workflows.
– Smart Approve (2025): Add automated approvals to lessen the requirement of reviewer decisions on proofs, giving back time to reviewers to allow them to focus on more critical tasks.

“At PageProof, we believe in a comprehensive approach to AI. With PageProof Intelligence™, we blend advanced AI, machine learning, and smart algorithms to continually enhance your review process while keeping your data private,” – Marcus Radich, CTO of PageProof.

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PageProof’s AI Commitment

PageProof is committed to protecting customer data and supporting the most rigorous security standards. Security measures include patented triple-layer encryption of data, ISO 27001 certification for their information security management system (ISMS), and a partnership with Microsoft that leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

In addition, policies regarding AI and transparency in data usage include:

– Data privacy: Data will not be used to train AI models outside of the PageProof Intelligence™ platform. For example, data is not sent to OpenAI.
– Selective data use: PageProof Intelligence™ features use only team metadata for machine learning and its AI algorithms. This does not include reviewer-generated data such as comments or descriptions.
– Customer control: Customers can choose to turn on PageProof Intelligence™ features depending on their plan. If they choose not to turn these features on, team members will not be able to access PageProof Intelligence™ features, and team data will not be used to power these features.
– Transparency: Open and clear commitment to data collection, data protection, security, and partnerships.

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