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Revealing the Secrets To Drive Deeper Connections With Hispanic Consumers in the U.S.

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Today more than ever, Hispanic consumers want brands to participate in solving societal issues and expect them to be present in their communities.  The emerging trend is revealed in a new report from Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. showing increasing concerns about the various issues among Hispanics versus two years ago.

To help marketers understand and leverage this new dynamic, Culturati’s report explores how the current socio-political climate impacts Hispanics’ expectations from brands, cultural connections and consumer spending.  The study is particularly powerful because it includes trended data showing changes in attitudes and behaviors, differences by acculturation and comparisons to non-Hispanic consumers.

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In addition to confirming increasing concern about social and political issues, Culturati’s research found Hispanic consumers are interested in supporting brands that take a stand on causes that are important to them.  It also reveals an increasing connection to culture versus recent years.  Our study shows 72% are more concerned about social and political issues versus two years ago.

Culturati’s President, Marissa Romero, explains, “Hispanic consumers are more inclined to support brands that back causes they believe in.  Brands will do best and come across as most authentic if they get behind causes that are in line with what they stand for as a company.”

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The aforementioned dynamic creates unique challenges for marketers trying to create connections with Hispanics.  However, the current consumer state of mind also creates opportunities to develop culturally-nuanced initiatives and messaging that resonate at a deeper level.  This is explored further in Culturati’s report on this research.

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