Launches Collections to Empower Teams of All Kinds With Advanced, Seamless Knowledge Sharing Company Profile: Valuation & Investors | PitchBook announces Collections, a new feature that allows teams to turn disparate pieces of information–living on various platforms–into shareable collections of files, tasks, and other items to keep information flowing and accessible.

With Collections, users complement their current project management toolkit by consolidating everything they need in one place. Collections enable users to assemble all types of information regardless of which app it’s currently living in–Google docs, email attachments, Jira tickets, Asana tasks, Github issues, Confluence pages, local drive files, and more–in one place so team members can efficiently find what they need to start working. Teammates can curate Collections together and add resources that would help orient each other on cross-functional projects.

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CEO Brian Shin explains, “Our users tell us they’re using Asana,, Smartsheet, and other project management tools, which do a great job keeping their workflows going. But when it’s time to do the work and access project files they need across many sources, there is no unified hub. We created Collections as a necessary complement to their existing workstreams.”

The flexibility of the Collections feature makes it highly adaptable for the needs of different teams and project managers. Collections can be created for individual and team projects, onboarding materials, brand assets, company announcements, and countless other purposes.

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Teams save time by eliminating the need to hunt down files and bits of information across individual apps or wait on coworkers to send updated files for a task. Instead, they can find all the materials they could need in one place—no more tab-surfing. Items added to a Collection update in real-time to reflect changes made to the original source.

Collections are an essential addition to any company’s project management stack and a powerful way to prevent important information from slipping through the cracks. Teams will find it simpler than ever to get on the same page and achieve progress with a new kind of ease.

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