transcosmos Releases “transpeech2.0,” the Latest Version of Its Speech Recognition Solution

Adding “Quality Control Platform” and “AI defender,” the solution further improves & enhances customer service quality with its 5 features

transcosmos inc. is pleased to announce that the company has released “transpeech2.0,” the upgraded version of its speech recognition solution designed for the contact center industry. Equipped with five features, adding newly developed “Quality Control Platform” and “AI defender,” transpeech2.0 dramatically streamlines contact center operations and improves customer service quality.

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■ Story behind the development of transpeech2.0
transpeech is a speech recognition solution that helps clients address the challenges they face in the contact center business. With the power of “AmiVoice” by Advanced Media, Inc., transpeech has shown a recognition rate as high as over 90% in many projects. To date, transcosmos has added features such as emotion analysis and Business Intelligence (BI) to the solution, thereby significantly cutting the time for call management and call transcription as well as being effective to detect customer complaints and low quality of the calls in a short span of time. Today, the solution is used at its 1,300 workstations, the largest scale in Japan. Now after two years since the service release, transcosmos releases “transpeech2.0” with new features that have been developed by listening to opinions and requests received from clients and front-line users.

New Feature (1): Quality Control Platform
The quality control platform is equipped with various features that help improve call quality continuously and make the services more efficient. With this platform alone, supervisors can evaluate agents’ service quality qualitatively with an astonishing efficient monitoring, integrate data with the results of automatic quantitative evaluation, analyze and visualize performance data on a dashboard, and then coach agents to provide better services taking into consideration their past performance results. With this platform, transcosmos will utilize its proven operational expertise across various sectors and industries, and raise the bar of its overall operational quality, thereby delivering services to clients with ever higher quality.

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New Feature (2): AI defender
The upgraded solution is equipped with an “Alert” feature. AI defender automatically works with “transpeech2.0” and notifies detected risks to the supervisor’s computer. transcosmos’s proprietary AI algorithms automatically detect whether agents have informed important notices, used taboo words, and provided any extra message to customers, at high speed and accuracy. If any inadequate service is identified, AI defender alerts the supervisor. This enables supervisors to know the risk immediately and give instruction to agents to provide a better service. At the same time, AI defender also takes the burdens of monitoring and call transcription duties off supervisor’s shoulders as close to zero.

These new features come as “transpeech2.0” basic features, not optional ones. transcosmos will continue to standardize service quality and develop agents’ skills at our 32 contact centers across Japan. At the same time, the company will apply the solution to its home-based contact center services (*) to maintain productivity and secure service quality even under the situation where face-to-face interaction with agents is not possible. transcosmos will also drive its effort to develop new services and solutions in AI and natural language processing areas. And with the power of both process mining and chatbot, transcosmos also aims to fully automate supervisor functions and develop a system for providing real-time talk instruction.

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