Teltech Launches Voca, A Phone Spam Solution for Voice Service Providers & All Businesses

RoboKiller, the award-winning mobile app that blocks 99% of spam calls and text messages, is expanding beyond the consumer space. Today, it announced the launch of Voca, a robocall blocker and robocall mitigation solution for enterprise voice networks.

Powered by RoboKiller’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Voca supercharges voice service providers’ (VSPs) defenses against robocalls while offering an all-in-one solution for FCC STIR/SHAKEN compliance. STIR/SHAKEN, a regulatory framework designed to stop spoofed spam calls, is mandatory for all VSPs by June 30, 2022. Voca enables VSPs to easily become FCC-compliant and, at the same time, keep their voice networks spam-free.

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“Voca makes it easy for businesses of any size to integrate a robocall mitigation solution and become FCC compliant,” said Matthew Mizenko, SVP Enterprise at Teltech. “We’ve been on the front lines protecting Americans from spam calls since 2017, and now it’s time to bring the same spam-fighting solution to businesses. Voca is the best solution for voice service providers and other enterprise-level businesses to prevent financial losses to fraud, monitor their brand’s reputation, and protect their bottom line.”

Voca’s Product and Solutions

  • Voca Command: Seamlessly integrates via API to stop or mitigate robocalls on any voice network. Voca Command provides real-time reputation data for phone numbers, the confidence assigned to that reputation, and how the call is handled. Meaning if the caller is a known scammer, the call is automatically blocked.
  • Robocall Mitigation: Voca’s technology meets the requirements of STIR/SHAKEN’s framework by instituting a robocall mitigation program that includes blocklists, call data record analysis, caller reputation scores, and more.

Voca is the only solution that offers audio fingerprinting technology to eliminate caller ID spoofing.

This is just the beginning, as Voca plans to unveil new products and solutions in the coming months to further bolster corporate phone spam defenses and protect brands. Stay up to date with the latest at and view the latest news at Voca’s blog.

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